Well, this weekend is the start of college football season and tailgating. (Technically the season started on Thursday, but my team plays on Saturday, so that's when I'm starting.) Proper tailgating is of extreme importance as it sets the tone for the whole day and, as I believe, helps us be in the right mindset to cheer our team onto victory. Go Tigers!

For my group, the emails have been flying and everyone is getting their assignments for what food to bring to the tailgate gathering. If the coaches have put as much effort into the details of the game plan as we've put into the tailgate menu, we're sure to win! Over the years we've simplified things a bit because parking is a challenge and we can't all pull our cars and respective tailgates right up to our "perfect tailgate spot". So, the less we have to haul to the "perfect tailgate spot" the happier we are. We all agree that coolers with wheels are the best invention since go-cups.

I'm bringing spinach dip and salsa, along with the appropriate chips for each. Neither of these appetizers requires further preparation when I arrive, other than just placing the bowls on the table. The fresh salsa is especially great for tailgating because it doesn't have to stay chilled.

Other items on this week's menu include barbecue sandwiches, chicken fingers, hummus, baked brie, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. Sometimes my cousin brings his little grill and cooks Conecuch County sausages, but we may have to wait until later in the season to be worthy of this kind of fare. Check out our Tailgating Guide for more ideas and recipes, and let me know what you take to your game day festivities. We'll be doing this pretty much every weekend until November, so I'll need some new ideas. Happy Tailgating and War Eagle!