In my never-ending quest to find great-tasting recipes for wild game like venison, quail, and turkey, I whipped up this easy, hearty stew last weekend. It features the classic combination of sauteed onion and garlic and draws its rich, spicy flavor from wine, sweet Hungarian paprika, ground red pepper, and juniper and allspice berries. (To be honest, our local health food store doesn't carry juniper berries and I somehow lost the allspice berries after I got home. But a sprinkling of ground allspice seemed to do just fine.)

This has quickly become one of my husband's favorite ways to enjoy venison, especially since it makes the meat super tender - something that is always a challenge with cooking such lean meats. We've just about eaten up all of the venison in the freezer, but deer season is just beginning and I'm sure we'll have another freezer full here soon. I see lots of Hungarian Venison Stew in our future!