If you've been following the recent food crazes, you've probably heard of the "Cronut", which is a croissant-donut hybrid. Cronuts first took New York by storm back in May, and have been making their way across the world ever since. Yes, the world. We had some here in the office just last week! While Cronuts may be everything you've ever hoped for in a pastry ̶ layers of croissant-like dough shaped and fried like a doughnut, rolled in sugar, and topped with a glaze ̶ we couldn't help but wonder, "What will be next?"


The Townie. According to this post on NPR, Bea Vo, who is originally from the U. S. and now owns three bakeries in London, was chosen by a British newspaper to come up with the next dessert hybrid. After duffins (doughnut/muffins) and muffles (muffin/waffles), Townies (tartlet/brownies) finally caught on. If you love brownies on their own, imagine how wonderful they would be in a little tart crust!We wanted to jump right into this craze and create a recipe that can easily be made and enjoyed at home. I made Townies two different ways. The first time I used a store-bought package of pie crusts, and the second time I made homemade tart shells. Both times I used a from-scratch brownie recipe, but a box mix could probably be used as well.

Here is the pie crust version:


And here is the tart crust version:


As you can see, the store-bought pie crust was thinner and flakier, and the tart crust is thicker and more cookie-like. They are both delicious and the brownie batter baked wonderfully in each. The brownies are crackly on top and gooey in the middle! The tart shells aren't too sweet, so they really create a nice balance of sweet-and-salty. What I really love about the tart shells is that they're pretty sturdy. Holding a Townie is kind of like holding a little cup of gooey-brownie-goodness.

If you'd like to jump into the Townie craze too, check out our brand new recipe for Townies!