If you haven't had chocolate pasta, what the heck have you been doing? Kidding, kidding. You probably haven't even heard of chocolate pasta. Because I trust, if you had, you'd have bought/made some right away since chocolate plus pasta must equate to everything that is good about life.


But, supposing you haven't had chocolate pasta, that's a situation that needs immediate addressing. First: Make chocolate fettuccine. If you've made homemade pasta before, this will be easy, since it's like a basic pasta dough (but with cocoa powder and powdered sugar) and the same mixing, resting, rolling, and cutting process. If you haven't made pasta before, it's not nearly as hard as you think. However if making your own pasta is going to deter you from actually eating chocolate pasta, then you can buy chocolate pasta online or at specialty stores.


Second, dress the chocolate pasta. Here, we have two recipes for suggested toppings. If you're more a savory sweets person, try this recipe with mascarpone-vanilla cream and macerated strawberries (which is just a fancy word for tossing fruit with sugar so it releases its natural juices). There's mint, toasted almonds, flaky salt, and a drizzle of olive oil, too, for good measure.


Or, if you like something that's a bit sweeter, toss chocolate pasta with a boozy raspberry-white chocolate sauce. It's creamy, with just a bit of a boozy bite from white chocolate liqueur. If you're feeling fancy, you could shave extra white chocolate on top.

And, bonus! Another topping idea: Plop on a scoop of ice cream or gelato. The ice cream melts over your warm pasta, creating a custardy sauce without you having to do a single extra thing. Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, raspberry, or strawberry would all work great.

Have you had chocolate pasta before? Tell us about it in the comments below.