Grown-ups unite! It is time to play with our food. A friend shared these "Redneck Turtle Burgers" with us today from the Mix 96.7 Facebook page but after a little digging, it looks like they were the brainchild of the blog, Home on the Range. They were too funny not to share with our Facebook fans and as a result, a firestorm erupted!

Here's what we asked our fans: "Have you seen these "Redneck Turtle Burgers?" Would you ever make this? Watch a video of someone making it? Eat it? Just make a burger, wrap it in bacon, stick in some hotdogs, and throw it on the grill for 20-30 minutes."

And here's what we heard back:

  • That is quite possibly the most disgusting, unappetizing thing I have ever seen....can't even look at it anymore...
  • I couldn't believe it at first glance, then I realized what I was actually looking at! Very neat! Kids would absolutely love it!
  • And we wonder why the overweight problem in America is escalating....we are continually encouraged to eat more "bad" foods, and larger portions thereof. By the way--want fries with that?
  • After I get over the resemblance, I would put on a pond of steamed rice.
  • Looks great to me, stand back and pass the salt!
  • Awesome. If I ever want to commit suicide, that's how I'll do it. It's like a stroke and heart attack, disguised as a turtle. Awesome.
  • I love this idea I may just have to make some for my sons 5th birthday party!!! I will make them with little smokies and turkey burger and turkey bacon.