Now that the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day have come and gone, I turn my thoughts to one of my favorite annual events-- the Oscars! I love going to the movies and am in a mad rush to see all of the nominated films before the awards ceremony on February 26.


I believe that we need to pay as much (if not more!) attention to party foods and menus for Oscar Night as we do for Super Bowl parties since making catty comments about gowns and sighing over leading men is way more entertaining than tackles and first downs. Would you agree? Here are some of my suggestions for some theme parties you could throw together for your red carpet gathering.

Happy Hour: Host a retro cocktail party in honor of the glamour of Hollywood as it used to be when all the stars were fabulous and no one knew anything about their dark sides.

Chocolate Dessert Party: Since none of the actresses ever seem to take a bit of chocolate, especially the week before they have to fit into their designer gowns, you and your crowd might as well take the chocolate plunge. The awards ceremony will be long, so you might as well be eating chocolate and having a few cocktails.

Popcorn Bar: There are very few Hollywood pairings that are as strong as the connection between movies and popcorn, so celebrate this perfect couple by offering a popcorn bar where your guests can pick the popcorn topping of their choice. Fountain drinks and Junior Mints are optional.

French Bistro: In honor of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, turn your home into a French bistro and serve coq au vin, steak frites, chocolate croissants, and plenty of Champagne. Or, if you really want to be in the spirit of Paris in the 1920s, perhaps a bit of absinthe.

Southern Supper: Because you probably don't have anyone as good as Minnie (in The Help) to make you some fried chicken, you might just want to pick some up and serve it with some sweet tea and a chocolate pie. For more recipe ideas, see Southern Recipes Inspired by The Help.

Hawaiian Luau: Encourage your friends to put on their best flowered Hawaiian shirts and come over and enjoy a luau menu and cheer for The Descendants (or for George Clooney, if you prefer).

For more ideas on movie madness and Hollywood theme parties, see our collection of Oscar Party recipes and let us know what you'll be serving as you watch the stars.