Rachael Ray likes making lists. And not just lists, but mammoth-sized grocery lists.


"I know they look a lot like Kevin Spacey notebook entries form the film Seven but the end result is a whole lot of good food served to deserving people rather than a ranting while plan for their 'righteous' demise in a sick plot to cut off Gwyneth Paltrows head causing Brad Pitt to scream 'What's in the box?'" Ray writes in in a new entry on the app, an app allowing people to make, you guessed it, lists.

And while we're not exactly sure what Ray's saying here, we're guessing she's hinting at her grocery list's dizzying amount of produce, pasta, and charcuterie slapped on one page in monochromatic handwriting. If Ray can go to the store and buy all of this stuff without forgetting something, give her a cape because she is superhuman.

Here's what we would make with Rachael Ray's grocery list, in the off chance we'd be able to decipher it:


Turns out you can make a wide variety of things from Rachael Ray's grocery list. There's definitely a level of genius to it, and even though it looks like a math equation from A Beautiful Mind, there's definitely no doubt about it that it's just the beginning of some incredibly delicious creations. Hats off to you, Rachael Ray! We're just glad you're not getting swarmed by the Bey Hive anymore.