Craving a rare sweet, Chrissy Teigen googled "best carrot cake recipe", found our recipe, and had to make Best Carrot Cake (yes, that's the name--and for good reason!) right then.


This was pretty much the trifecta of perfection for MyRecipes: a woman we love, a review that made us laugh out loud (what WERE they looking for?), and a dessert that makes everyone happy. Plus, "not a great photo"? Hardly. Layer cakes are hard to photograph (especially when licking your fingers. What, just us?), and her photo makes us want to snag a slice right this minute.

Best-Ever Carrot Cake

The Southern Living recipe has long been a favorite, boasting over 200 five-star reviews on our site. Check out a few of our favorite raves.


Chrissy did a great job of explaining the reasons why the cake is amazing: the sweet buttermilk drizzle, the moist layers, and the "cream cheese goodness." Once we got over her caption, we had to share a few of the fun comments from her followers.


We LOVE that you make your own birthday cake. And we now want to be invited to your party.


If carrot cake dates are a thing, we totally want in next time. We'll even bring the carrot cake.


Our spirit animal is cream cheese frosting, but tomato, tomahto.


Our face is safe! No raisins in this cake. Raisins are a divisive addition, adding tiny chewy bombs to the texture. We stuck with coconut, pineapple, and pecans.


We named it that way for a reason! No need to dance around this issue. It's pretty much the only carrot cake you'll ever need. Or cake, for that matter.


That's because it is. You mom's secret ingredient that she never shared was the buttermilk glaze drizzle. And boy does it make a huge difference!

Make it yourself today.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel