Is it your birthday today? Lucky you! Happy Birthday! Or, today just might be the special day of someone you know. Quick, check your Facebook notifications! There's probably somebody who has a birthday today, which would give you a fantastic reason to surprise them with a show-stopping dessert that is so incredibly easy to whip up. As for me, today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday, mom! To share your gratitude for the person in your life who's special day is coming up, we like the idea of making their eyes go wide with this towering birthday cake shake. Simply pull out your blender and toss in four easy ingredients: milk, ice cream, cake mix, and vanilla.

Use plenty of whipped cream!

Use plenty of whipped cream!

The best part is garnishing the top, which you can easily sub out with whichever fun toppings you desire. For our version, we used a sprinkled sugar cookie, a generous dollop of whipped cream, and some candles. While this recipe makes one large glass, you can easily double the recipe and then split the contents between four or six smaller glasses for a children's birthday party or event. Check out the tutorial video below to see how easily this quick treat comes together:

And of course, for all of your birthday party needs, we've got you covered. From cupcakes, to kid-friendly party ideas, and even cakes under 250 calories per serving, we hope you find exactly what you're looking for.

Birthday Cake Recipes

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