Truth be told, my husband and I have never been huge fans of Starbucks. We do like a good cup of coffee though, and we both really LOVE the plain old drip coffee from that fast food giant - McDonald's. Just something about it - the flavor isn't too bold or too weak, not too bitter, etc etc. About once a week we'll indulge in a large to-go coffee with 4 creamers and 4 packets of Splenda. YUM!

In an effort to cut keep refining our food budget, I decided to see how close we could come to that McDonald's coffee taste at home. We'd just never been too impressed with the snazzy looking grocery store brands at our local Publix. A quick Internet search turned up McDonald's major coffee suppliers in the US: S&D Coffee (Concord, North Carolina), Green Mountain Coffee (Vermont), Distant Lands (Texas and Seattle), and Gaviña Coffee (southern California).

I nixed Green Mountain Coffee, since it's only sold in New England McDonald's stores (as best I could tell). Trying to find the others locally led me to Don Francisco's Coffee, a line from Gaviña Coffee named after Don Francisco Gaviña, the once-patriarch of the Gaviña family.

Not only is Don Francisco's coffee delicious, it's pretty close to the McDonald's taste we've come to love. Not perfect, but close. And even better, it's less than $7 a can at the grocery and comes in one of those old-fashioned coffee tins with a lid instead of a throw away bag.

What's your favorite grocery store blend?