The longest day of the year calls for a toast to the sun with friends and frozen drinks.
Girls' Night In: Summer Solstice Celebration
Credit: Lee Harrelson

No amount of SPF can put a damper on this girls' night in with the sun as the guest of honor. Invite friends over for a stylish Summer Solstice party featuring frozen drinks and chilled appetizers. Set up those poolside chairs and outdoor pillows to view a sunset to remember all season, and don't forget the candles to keep the glow going after the sun goes down. As the rays fade to night, keep the slushy drinks flowing and the party going. With sunshine, girlfriends, and blenders, this party is the best way to ring in summer.

The Bar
A pitcher of frozen drinks on a cocktail cart is every summer party-goers dream. Use the blender in the kitchen and bring the frozen drinks outside to enjoy. You can keep them frozen with the help of ice cream machines: Use the machines with the frozen bowls that turn constantly. Have ladles or cups ready to dole out the drinks into individual glasses or pitchers. Otherwise, a cooler filled with ice, water and salt works well for holding pitchers filled with frosty delights. Make sure the water in the cooler isn't high enough to splash into the pitchers.

The Food
Partying outside requires fuel to keep the girls going after sundown, but you sure don't want to spend any time in a hot kitchen. So choose a nice selection of sophisticated no-cook appetizers to help you keep your cool and that can stand up to heat and humidity.

The Extras

The Party Plan

  • Choose food that doesn't require utensils. It leaves guests more free to mingle and talk. Pick chilled appetizers that can be prepared the day before.
  • Serve food and drinks poolside or on your porch or patio. With a few tablecloth clips, any table can become an outdoor oasis.
  • Use plastic plates so that breakage doesn't spoil the good time. Party stores carry plastic plates and glasses in a variety of festive colors.
  • Use pink, orange, and yellow for the color scheme, and carry out that scheme with the tablecloth, flowers, plates, napkins, and glasses.
  • Don't forget to set out some sunscreen and bug spray to keep the fun in the sun comfortable for everyone.
  • Think ahead and have a rain plan.

Rebecca Lang is a well-known cooking instructor, author, and food writer. She teaches Girls' Night In classes around the country but lives in Athens, Georgia.