Get together with your closest friends for a special evening that spotlights glamorous drinks and luxurious food.

Girls' Night In: Celebrate Being Single
Credit: Lee Harrelson

There's a lot to be said for being a single girl. The toilet seat is always down. There are no arguments about taking out the trash. The television remote is all yours. And, you can always stop and ask for directions. Rejoice and highlight the joys of single life.

A love affair with food is sometimes the very best kind, so don't wait on a date to indulge in an extravagant dinner. Let your friends chip in to make a dinner worthy of the nicest neighborhood restaurant. Dress up and make the evening special with glamorous drinks and luxurious food.

The Food
Start everyone out with bruschetta to set the tone for an evening of splurging. Serve steaks, risotto and spinach as the main course to win rave reviews, and maybe a standing reservation at your house for Valentine's Days in the years to come. Seating for everyone is necessary for a meal that requires a knife. If the table is too small for a crowd, simply provide trays and spread the party into the living room. Dessert brings a sweet escape with chocolate cheesecake. It's a make-ahead recipe, so you'll have more time to party the night away.

The Bar
Pop the corks and let the champagne flow for the most fun single bar in town – right in your own home. Serve some bubbly straight up and mix up one or two champagne cocktails to add even more merriment to the drink of the night. Remember when mixing Champagne or sparkling wine, don't buy an expensive bottle. The nicest wines are not intended to be mixed with juice. Set out a bottle of the good stuff in an ice bucket to stay chilled. Have ingredients out so that each girl can put together her own Blackberry-Chambord Royale. A pitcher filled with Champagne Pomegranate Cocktails won't stay full for long. Have a back-up pitcher in the fridge ready for refills.

Don't just settle for a casual invite to the party. Print this one on elegant paper and set the mood right from the start.

The Party Plan

2 Days Before

  • Prepare chocolate cheesecake recipe except for the topping.
  • Set up the glasses and cocktail napkins on the bar.

The Day Before

  • Broil baguette slices for bruschetta. Store in an airtight container.
  • Make spinach gratin up until the baking step. Wait to top with tomato slices until right before baking.

2 – 4 Hours Before

  • Make ganache topping and pour over cheesecake.
  • Prepare mushrooms for risotto.

1 Hour Before

  • Bake spinach gratin.
  • Get the bubbles flowing on the bar about 30 minutes before the guests arrive.

Before the Guests Arrive

  • Bake bruschetta.
  • Begin to cook steaks as guests arrive. Keep steaks warm in a 200-degree oven.
  • Designate a friend to supervise the cooking of the risotto. It's more fun to stir with friends around.

Rebecca Lang is a well-known cooking instructor, author, and food writer. She teaches Girls' Night In classes around the country and lives in Athens, Georgia.