Have a blast and take home a new outfit or two without spending a dime.
Girls' Night In: Fashion Swap & Martinis
Credit: Beau Gustafson

Your dreams have come true! You can pick out some "new" clothes without the hassles of the mall, the crowded stores, or your credit card. Call your friends and turn the living room into a mini-chic boutique by having each guest clean out her closet and bring any clothes or accessories she wants to trade out. The one rule is that the clothes have to be in style. Anything left over can be taken to charity the next day.

The girls can find that new favorite outfit while sipping on martinis and giving those gently used clothes a new life. With still-stylish clothes arranged in a shopper-friendly fashion, everyone can find something they love. Make things easy by laying out the "store" by size and style. Think about flowing the boutique into another room if you need more space. Crowded shopping isn't fun for anyone. Let the girls get shopping once all the clothes are arranged. Turn a large bathroom or a bedroom a dressing room for the evening.

The Bar
What better combination than shopping and martinis? Sip away while your wardrobe expands before your eyes. Set up the bar far away from the living room so there's no chance for spills around the clothes. Make big pitchers of the drinks so everyone can refill as needed without shaking and straining each time.

The Food
The food tonight is all about neat and tidy. With no risk for drips and drizzles around the clothes, this grazing menu is made to help the girls shop 'til they drop. Serve everything in the kitchen and let everyone come back as they need to refuel. Good shopping can take a lot of energy! Add to the buffet by steaming some edamame and creating a cheese tray with crackers. Small plates will work great so the food can travel as everyone eyes which clothes they want.

The Extras
Prevent piles of clothes gathering around the house by handing out color-coded personalized hanging tags to each of the ladies at your party. When they find an item they like, tell them to mark the hanger with their tag so everyone else knows that it's now "hands off." Print our party-ready clothing hanger tags and get the party started tonight!

The Party Plan

2 Days Before

  • Make pimiento cheese.

The Day Before

  • Make spinach mixture for crostini.
  • Grill sliders.
  • Make shallot-dijon relish.

6 Hours Before

  • Stuff and wrap dates. Chill.

2 – 4 Hours Before

  • Stuff celery with pimiento cheese.
  • Make pitchers of martinis. Chill. Add a scoop of ice to each pitcher before serving. See all Martini Recipes.

30 Minutes Before

  • Cook dates.

Before the Guests Arrive

  • Top crostini with spinach and bake. Top with roasted red peppers.
  • Grill sliders.

Rebecca Lang is a well-known cooking instructor, author, and food writer. She teaches Girls' Night In classes around the country and lives in Athens, Georgia.