Roll the dice and pass the pitchers for a Mexican Bunko night.
Girls' Night In: Bunko Fiesta
Credit: Lee Harrelson / Styling: Virginia Cravens

The days of quiet, quaint bridge games are over. A rousing game of Bunko is made for the modern girl, since its simple rules let you focus on food, fun, and fellowship.

Want to host a Bunko party? All that's required are a few card tables and some creative cooking–the perfect recipe for a great girls' night in! Make your house the place-to-be with a few dice, favorite Mexican dishes, and sweet sangrias.

The Bar
Break out of the margarita rut and serve chilled sangria with the Mexican menu. Since sangria's color comes from the type of wine used as a base, you can experiment with sangrias made from white, rosé, and red wines for a fruity, colorful bar. The girls will love filling their glasses with these new spins on an old favorite.

The Food
Everyone knows that the two best things about Bunko are friends and food. With tables of four people scattered around the house, you'll want everyone to have easy access to appetizers during games. Place bowls of salsa and guacamole on each table to keep the chips dipping while the dice are flying.

Once everyone's worked up an appetite, take a break between games to fix a plate for dinner. Take advantage of seasonal produce and serve fresh corn and sweet tomatoes. Slice up your favorite melon (like cantaloupe or honeydew) for a quick dessert.

The Extras
Download these customized Bunko scorecards that coordinate with the Mexican theme. If these scorecards don't look familiar, remember that there are many different variations on the rules and ways to keep score.

If you need to brush up on Bunko basics, check out this site for a rules refresher.

The Party Plan

  • Have plenty of pens, scorecards, and dice on hand.
  • Place a small stack of cocktail napkins on each table.
  • Borrow card tables and chairs from friends if you need extra seating.
  • Have a few girls bring brightly colored table cloths.
  • Heat chimichangas in the oven during the last pre-dinner game.
  • The day before, cut fruit for sangrias and make the salsa and salad.
  • Finish mixing the sangrias a few minutes before guests arrive.

Rebecca Lang is a well-known cooking instructor, author, and food writer. She teaches Girls' Night In classes around the country and lives in Athens, Georgia.