Girls Night In

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Girls' Night In: Kitchen Gadget Swap
Those kitchen gadgets you would normally throw away after spring cleaning, put them to another use. Host a swap and exchange them for something you will actually use.
Girls' Night In: Paint a Picture
Invite the girls over for a night of painting, quiche, and cocktails.
Girls' Night In: Sushi Night
Turn your kitchen into sushi central, complete with sake and rolls of fun.
Girls' Night In: Fashion Swap & Martinis
Have a blast and take home a new outfit or two without spending a dime.
Girls' Night In: Pizza Party
La Dolce Vita! Live it up with a night of cooking pizzas with the girls.
Girls' Night In: Book Club
Write a new plot for this month's book club with easy make-ahead food and fabulous drinks.

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Girls' Night In: Girls at the Grill
Dress up the traditional summer cookout with these tips for hosting a feminine, flame-kissed alfresco dinner.

Girls' Night In: Movie Night

Roll out the red carpet for a night of girly movies, gossip and cute pajamas.