I just got back from my annual girls' weekend with three other college friends. Because all of us are passionate about cooking and eating, we always dine well when we get together. This year instead of renting a condo, we stayed at our friend Kathy's new home. And on Saturday evening we had a chef come over and prepare our dinner while we relaxed in the hot tub. Life is tough.

Every course was delicious and we really had to pace ourselves so we could enjoy every single recipe. But by the time we all had second helpings of the salad and the risotto, there was just no room for dessert. No worries. We just saved the tarts for our Sunday evening dinner and all was well.

Having a chef come in to prepare a meal is such a fun thing to do for a girls' night out. It's a great way to enjoy an elegant meal without having to get dressed up to go out, and you can spend your time catching up instead of fussing with the meal. To keep it affordable, check around in your area to see if there are people who teach cooking classes who are willing to come into your home. Or, if there is culinary school near you, call and ask if they have students who might want to get some experience and make a little money.

Let us know if you've done something fun for your girls' getaway weekends, and check out Girls Night In if you're looking for party planning ideas.