As promised, here are a few tidbits from our trip to the Georgia Mountain Eggfest in Hiawassee, Georgia!


The first cooks we met on Saturday were this couple, known on the GreenEggers forum as "Spring Chicken" and "Spring Hen". They whipped up all sorts of deliciousness made from sausage and bacon, including "Magnum Loads" made from ground sausage wrapped in bacon. My favorite quote from them: "The grease drips out, and all that's left is what kills you."


Being Auburn fans ourselves, we were delighted to see this group of die-hard War Eagle fans all decked out in their orange and blue for the Eggfest. They served up some delicious pork loin, wild turkey breast, and "Gator Eggs" - essentially jalapenos stuffed with a spicy, creamy filling.


There were plenty of women manning Eggs at the Eggfest! Since an Egg maintains heat so well and is easy to light, I personally think it's a great way for women to learn to grill.


We just loved these bacon-wrapped pickled watermelon rinds! Simple and delicious. Simply wrap a half a slice of bacon around a pickled watermelon rind, sprinkle with Cajun seasoning, and cook at 350 until the bacon is crisp. Yum!


The boisterious North Georgia Eggers drew quite a crowd with these funnel cakes cooked over a Big Green Egg!!

If you want to check out an Eggfest for yourself, Big Green Egg maintains a list of upcoming festivals.