I'm a firm believer in divine intervention so when I was having a crummy day about a month ago and a box arrived in the mail at work, I had high hopes that it would contain something exciting, indulgent, and of course, chocolate.

I recently attended the Fancy Food Show and have been requesting products for our staff to sample for


consideration in our holiday gift guides, tailgating packages, etc. I kept my fingers crossed that it wasn't barbecue sauce (don't get me wrong, I love some sauce but on a yucky day, I just need chocolate) and when I opened the package, one of my favorite products from the show had arrived: Funky Chunky!

Funky Chunkycan only be described as sheer confection perfection. For anyone with a sweet tooth, you'll appreciate the combination of sweet and salty flavors paired with crispy and creamy textures. Funky Chunky's newest product, Chip-Zel-Pop combines pretzels, potato chips, and caramel corn, drizzles it with milk, white, and dark chocolate and creamy caramel, then breaks it into bite-size chunks.

Our staff RAVED when they tasted it! Here are a few of their comments:

"You can certainly forget your troubles with a jar of this stuff."

"Delicious--I love it! I'd serve it at a party and there would be zero left."

"This would be a great holiday gift for family and friends."

"It's completely gone--does that say it all?"