French Dip Sandwich

French Dip Sandwich

Everybody knows this classic. While there are a million ways to tweak this sandwich, the commonalities are always the same. The trick here is to get those really good hoagie rolls, the ones that absorb all of the dipping sauce without getting overly mushy. Also, prepare to get a little messy. There's no tidy way to dig into a sandwich creation like this if you want to experience the deliciousness full throttle, so just go ahead accept that you might need more than one dainty little napkin.

A good deli roast beef can make a world of a difference here. Boar's Head brand roast beef is a great choice, and also a personal favorite. Thinly sliced beef allows the french dip juices to get in there to up the yummy level, however you may opt for a thicker sliced meat if that's your preference, and that's a-ok too. A classic sandwich like this will warm up even the coldest of afternoons, guaranteed.