Gather 'round a pot of delicious cheese or chocolate fondue for a fun retro party where guests do the cooking.
Chocolate-Frangelico Fondue

The swirling aroma of kirsch and melting Gruyère may trigger memories of eight-track tape decks and shag rugs upon which you once snuggled cross-legged around a coffee table, stirring long-stemmed forks into an avocado-hued warming pot. But rest assured: The fondue dinner party has joined the new millennium.

It still means "melted" in French, and it still seems ever-so-'70s, but these days fondue is a whole new ballgame. The drippy cheeses and artery-clogging oils no longer reign; today's fondue is lighter, healthier, and more eclectic. According to Foodwatch, only about 15% of the new fondue recipes are entrees. That means more choices and less need to rely on just one pot to make an entire meal.

So get yourself a pot, and get to melting. Your friends and family will definitely think you're too cool for school when you acquaint them with our groovy Buffalo Chicken With Blue Cheese Fondue, ready for dippers like crisp green beans, carrots, bell peppers, and toasted French bread. Follow it with Chocolate-Frangelico Fondue, an exotic companion to angel food cake, sliced banana, and strawberries.

And while you're in the mood for reviving traditions, try these: Fondue lore says if a man loses his morsel while dipping it into the sauce, he has to buy a bottle of wine for the party host; a woman who drops her dipper must kiss all of the male guests.