For those of us in the Northeast, farmer's market season is finally upon us, and I love it. Like garage sale season, only better. While catching up with friends recently, I heard about a new farmer's market that happened to have their opening day this past weekend. I packed the kids up and away we went.As I rounded the corner and pulled into the parking lot, I might have gasped. Just a little. This farmer's market was easily double the size of the one we usually go to and was bustling with first day excitement. My son ran from stall to stall, eagerly checking out all the different offerings, and my one-year-old daughter happily pointed to all the puppies. For her, it was a draw. Juicy red Jersey tomatoes (she loves raw tomatoes) or the puppies. Tough decision.


Even though the spelling mistake on the sign in this picture pains me, I loved the selection of greens that the farmers had available. I toted home quite a bit, including collard greens. Even though I'm the only one in the family who will eat collard greens, that's fine by me.

One of the things I love most about the farmer's market is discovering something new. Something I've never heard of. Or tasted. Or experienced. But then, what to do? It's simple really. I jump in with both feet and buy it. Once home, I head to MyRecipes and do a recipe search by ingredient and figure out what to do with it. It's simply the best way to discover a new love, right from the roots. Now go on now, go celebrate your own farmer's market and discover something new.