Ok, I just have to brag on my husband and his friend Quin for a minute. A couple of weeks ago Brent and I got together for dinner with Quin and his wife, Jennifer. Us girls were in charge of sides and desserts, while the guys were planning to smoke two racks of ribs -- one St. Louis-style, one set of spareribs. They stood watch over the grill for several hours, making sure to keep the temperature and smoke at optimal levels (and of course, keeping our two labs and their German Shepherd from making any fourth-quarter snatches from the Weber).

The wait sure was worth it, for I have to say that these juicy, falling-off-the-bone ribs were honestly the best I have EVER eaten. Plus, the guys experimented with Quin's homemade rub and glazing some of the ribs with barbecue sauce in the final minutes of cooking. We layed both racks out on aluminum foil, set out every barbecue sauce we could find, and went to town. I think the plain ribs with the rub were my favorite, but everyone had a different combination of sauce, rub, and rib that they liked. Just goes to show that devoting some time to learning how to smoke a good rack of ribs REALLY pays off! You can try your own rib tasting at home; just 'round up some different ribs, rubs, and sauces and experiment to see what works best. (Brent and Quin's next goal: making their own secret sauce!)

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