By Emma Crist
June 19, 2015
Disney Pixar's Inside Out


Welcome to the first installment of "Dinner and a Movie!" In this blog series, we're focusing on saving you money, having fun with movie-themed dinner ideas, and most importantly, giving you more opportunities to spend time together. By cooking at home before a night at the theater, you'll have quality family time, eat a fun meal and won't blow the budget.

So without further ado . . .

Disney Pixar's latest flick Inside Out is rumored to be one of the must-see films of the year. The movie, releasing today, invites you to meet the "little voices inside your head" and is guaranteed to give you all the feels. From the creators that brought us Toy Story 3, Up, and Finding Nemo comes an adorable story set inside the mind of a little girl as she learns to navigate the conflicting emotions she experiences when her family moves to a new city. This animated flick may forever change the way you talk about your feelings. If you're not already looking up showtimes, you should know it stars Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Phyllis Smith (from The Office), among others. Yeah, that's what we thought.

In honor of the premiere, we're shaking things up a little! Let's be honest, those tickets aren't cheap, and you know you'll be suckered into buying a large popcorn and coke, too. So why not opt out of eating out before the show? Join us as we get all inside-out and upside-down with these Inside Out-themed dinner ideas.

Here are our editors' picks for best Inside Out-inspired dishes.

Inside-Out Spiced Brie from Sunset magazine
Inside-Out Turkey Cheeseburgers from All You magazine
Upside-Down Pizza Casserole from Gooseberry Patch
Strawberry Upside-Down Cake from All You magazine
Inside-out Carrot Cakes from Sunset magazine