Creamy Spring Pasta
| Credit: Staff

Creamy Spring Pasta Staff

At the grocery store this past weekend, I was feeling inspired by the gorgeous spring veggies overflowing from the produce bins: Tender baby rainbow carrots, baby kohlrabi, watermelon radishes, crisp spring greens, and fragrant herbs. Now is a great time to let ingredients inspire you in the kitchen. Pick up whatever looks great at the market and prepare it simply to enjoy the sweet, fresh flavors of the season.

There's no doubt about it: Spring fever is here! What better way to celebrate the season than with a fresh and colorful spring pasta dish? Our April magazine issues are full of them, so many that we decided to make a new Pinterest board for pasta dinners! One of the easiest ways to transform tender spring veggies into a satisfying meal is to toss them into pasta, like this creamy fettuccine dish featuring peas and asparagus.