We asked our friend Marge Perry, a food writer and culinary instructor, to tell you about a very important cookie project that will be happening this week.


On November 6th , I’m baking 30,000 cookies. Fortunately, I won’t be doing it alone: an entire “village” of volunteers are coming together to make it possible. And by doing so, we hope to raise money to fund life-saving pediatric cancer research. All the bakers out there will understand what great sense it makes that baking cookies can help save children’s lives. After all, every time you bake, you’ve got warmth and nurturing in your heart. And cookies and kids—well, they just belong together.

Pediatric cancer research is horribly under-funded. I learned all about this when a 2-year old boy near to me—a boy as sweet as a garden pea and as full of life and love and curiosity as any you’ve ever known—was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a nasty cancer I have come to think of as hideous fire-breathing dragon. Click here to read all about Liam’s battle.

Liam is five now, and is still waging his battle—and that’s where the cookies come in. Three years ago, his parents began an organization called Cookies for Kids' Cancer in an effort to fund research to save children’s lives. There have been hundreds of bake sales across the U.S. to raise money. Some were at schools and some were at offices; some are held by kids and some by adults; they have raised as little as $20 and as much as several thousand. What they all have in common is that cookies were baked and sold with love and caring so that kids like Liam can slay their cancer dragons and grow up to be healthy, strong adults.

Back to our 30,000 cookies. We’re having a bake sale, of sorts—a really, really big one. That’s because from November 1 to December 31st, Glad Wrap has very generously offered to match any and all funds we raise, dollar for dollar. So we’re going to the busiest parts of New York City, such as Rockefeller Center and Times Square, and we’re offering our cookies to anyone and everyone and hope that in exchange for these really delicious cookies, folks will make a donation. (We can’t actually sell the cookies because of New York City permit regulations).

The Institute of Culinary Education, one of New York City’s preeminent culinary schools, has donated their kitchens from 6 a.m. to midnight. We’ve got hoards of volunteers--writers, chefs, firemen, teachers, executives, and moms--coming to help bake and package the cookies—and then more volunteers selling cookies at bake sales. Stay tuned, because we’ll be posting pictures from the bake-a-thon—and tell you what it was like baking and distributing that many cookies.

If you're interested in holding a bake sale of your own, click here for cookie recipes. Or to buy cookies in support of pediatric cancer research, go to . 100% of all profits go directly to research. We'd love to hear about you efforts, so please share your cookie stories with us.