I'm no sushimi master and I still haven’t tried making thereal deal, but rolling candy sushi is a great start! These bit-sized enjoyments are fun for kidslike myself to make and gobble down by the handful. Beware of the high volume sugar rush. A boxof roll-ups, gummy worms or Swedish Fish, Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and butteris all you need to make 32 rolls.

While I was rolling a batch for awork related project last night I couldn’t help but imagining ways toincorporate these sweet sushi bites into party ideas. This partially originated from an invitationI received last week to attend a ladybug themed birthday party for a precious2-year old, Megan. So it made me think, wouldn’t these sweet sushi bites be fantastic incorporatedinto a Japanese themed Birthday party? Cute kimonos, beautiful paper lanterns, and creative origami art. I've decided that candysushi can be fun for everyone and the possibilities are endless in how you can incorporate these colorful treats. Enjoy!

What are some fun foods you’ve made or seen?