These cupcakes are technically White Christmas Cupcakes. I know Christmas was last week, but I think these cupcakes would be so cute for a New Year's party. It's still winter and very snowy in some parts of the world, so these cupcakes would make wonderful seasonal treats.


The cupcakes are classic white cupcakes, made with shortening and buttermilk so they're nice and moist. They're topped with little mountains of peppermint cream cheese frosting and sparkly sprinkles that resemble snow. I love the addition of peppermint to the cream cheese frosting here because it brings another seasonal flavor to the cupcakes. Peppermint will always remind me of winter! Another fun New Year's twist would be to add some champagne to the cake batter and frosting, and omit the peppermint. Because the cupcakes are simple and basic, you can really dress them up however you want!

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