Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, so naturally we're celebrating with King Cake! Traditionally, a small plastic baby is inserted into King Cakes, and I often hear people wondering what happens when you find the baby in your slice. Some claim that it means you'll have good luck. Some say it simply means you're the king of the party! But the most common answer is that, if you receive the piece with the baby, you have to bring the cake to the next party or to the Mardi Gras party next year.


This recipe for King Cake is very easy, and as you can see from the reviews, it's also a crowd pleaser. The dough is easy to work with, even if you've never made a King Cake before. It takes more effort without an electric mixer, but no worries if you don't have one. Kneading the dough with your hands will work just as well; it might just take a little bit longer. This recipe makes two cakes, so you can save one and give the other one away or take it to a party.

These days, many bakeries will place the baby on top of the cake after the glaze and sprinkles have been added so customers can avoid biting into it or swallowing it. If you make this King Cake and plan on inserting a plastic baby, remember to add it after the cake has baked and cooled. Make a small incision on the bottom side of the cake and add the baby, that way its location will be a surprise!

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