While coconut is a fantastic flavor that I enjoy all year round, it mostly reminds me of summer. Most parts of the country are reveling in the much-needed spring weather, but summer is fast approaching here in the South. To celebrate the extremely welcome warm weather and all the flavors that come with it, we're talking about coconut cake today. A Towering Coconut Layer Cake, to be exact.

Towering Coconut Layer Cake

As you can see, this is one large cake. It's made up of four fluffy layers of yellow cake that are brushed with spiced rum before they're frosted. The frosting is a "rum-scented" meringue buttercream, which really just means that it's flavored with coconut extract. To make a meringue frosting, you basically drizzle a sugary syrup into egg whites while they're being whipped. The result is a smooth and fluffy frosting. It requires a little more effort than regular buttercream, but it's worth it! There's a thick layer of frosting between each layer of cake, and the outside is covered in toasted, crunchy coconut.

So, remember this cake when you're deciding on what to bring to the next family gathering, birthday, potluck, or picnic. This is a cake that you can enjoy all summer--and all year--long!