It's strawberry season and this Strawberry Pionono encompasses all that we love about strawberry desserts. It's got cake, fluffy whipped cream, and beautiful slices of fresh, vibrant strawberries. Because the cake layer is thin and it's filled with whipped cream, this cake roll is what you need if you're looking for a "lighter" dessert. It has all the wonderful elements of a layer cake, without being dense and overly sweet.


This gorgeous jelly-roll cake starts with a fairly simple recipe. The cake itself only has five ingredients, and they're very basic things that you probably have on hand if you bake often (such as eggs, vanilla extract, salt, sugar, and flour). As with all jelly-roll cakes, once the cake has been baked and removed from the oven, it's inverted onto a dish towel on a flat surface. Then it's layered up with whipped cream and sliced strawberries! More cream and whole strawberries are added on top, completing this cake's impressive presentation. There won't be a slice left after your family, friends, or guests take a bite of this light and tasty treat!

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