Spring always reminds me of sunny brunches and family gatherings. What could be better on a bright spring day than a light and fluffy cake with fresh strawberries in the batter and the frosting? Not much, in my opinion. This Strawberries-and-Cream Sheet Cake is perfect for any spring occasion or celebration!


Let's start with the actual cake itself. When it comes to the color of strawberry cakes, it can be difficult to achieve a vibrant shade of pink by only adding chopped strawberries. Pureed strawberries won't even make the batter that pink. That's where strawberry gelatin comes in. Adding just a couple tablespoons of powdered strawberry gelatin really amps up the flavor and brightens the color.

The Strawberry Frosting for this cake is made up of cream cheese, heavy cream, lemon juice, sugar, and chopped strawberries. The cream cheese and heavy cream give the frosting a silky and creamy texture, and the fresh lemon juice adds a slight hint of citrus flavor.

Because this cake is a sheet cake, it should be easier to transport it to where ever you're having a spring celebration. With layer cakes, you have to worry about keeping them upright and hoping the layers don't slide off. But with this cake, you can transport it right in the pan it was baked in! If you decide to display the cake on a platter or tray, the recipe also includes great instructions on how to grease the pan really well. Using shortening, flour, parchment paper, and cooking spray might seem like a little much, but all of this will guarantee that the cake come out of the pan easily and in one piece!

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