4th of July week is here! Break out your grills, stock up on fireworks, and plan out your patriotic outfits! To go along with this festive celebration, you'll need some pretty festive food. You may be able to achieve that with your appetizers and main dishes, but when it comes to desserts, there's more room to play around with colors and decorations. Just take a look at these Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes!


The base of these patriotic cupcakes is a simple and easy white cake recipe. It calls for soft wheat flour, but you could use white whole wheat, or even regular whole wheat if you want. Then the cupcakes are filled with strawberry or blueberry jam, and again, you can switch things up here. Any flavor of jam will do!

Clearly, the most festive and patriotic part of these cupcakes is the frosting. I absolutely love decorating cupcakes with swirled frosting. It adds a fun and visually impressive element to a dessert that would have been plain and simple otherwise. And it's actually pretty easy to do! To make this red, white, and blue swirled frosting, you just need to add the three colors of frosting to different sides of a piping bag. This is easier said than done though, so you can watch a video of this process here! Top these colorful cupcakes with some patriotic sprinkles, fondant stars, and celebrate!

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