Pizza or cake? Cake that tastes like pizza? Pizza that tastes like cake? April Fool's! It's all cake. I know April Fool's is tomorrow, but I think this delicious treat would be such a great way to have some fun with your family. Make it tonight and enjoy it tomorrow! Or surprise your family with "dinner" tomorrow evening. Why would you pull silly pranks on unsuspecting friends when you could surprise them with something tasty that you can all eat? That's my kind of prank!


This "cake" is technically a brownie; a red velvet brownie to be exact. It's baked in a 9 inch cake pan, and then it's covered in rich brown butter frosting. The pizza sauce is actually strawberry jam and the shredded cheese is shredded coconut. This cake is topped with pepperonis made from licorice candies, but you could can add any topping you want! With all of the various gummy candies out there, it would be so easy to add olives, meats, bacon, pineapple, or more cheese. If you don't end up making this cake for April Fool's Day, it would still be a fun do-it-yourself project any day of the year!

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