As soon as it begins to turn cold outside and autumn is on it's way out, coffee shops all over the country start offering their holiday-flavored drinks. A nice dose of peppermint to a hot chocolate or a mocha latte are my personal favorites. This Peppermint-Hot Chocolate Cake is a fun spin on the popular drink, and even though it looks like a cake that would be perfect during the Christmas season, I think it would be wonderful all throughout the winter season!


This impressive dessert starts out with three thick layers of chocolate cake. So far, so good, right? Between each cake layer, there's a layer of fudge filling that has a hint of peppermint to it. Then the cake is frosted with a Peppermint-Cream Frosting. It's a combination of marshmallow cream, whipped cream and a couple drops of peppermint extract. How's that for an easy frosting? It's only three ingredients! The cake is decorated with some peppermint candies, a couple mint leaves, and is lined with rolled wafer cookies. The recipe doesn't specify, but you could use Pirouette rolled wafers or something similar. This cake would be great for any winter celebration or family get-together!

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