Sometimes when it's hot, you just need some ice cream. Something cool and creamy in the heat of the day just hits the spot every now and then. With temperatures on the rise, this Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Cake could be a fun project for you and the kids on a hot afternoon.


This frozen treat starts by lining a 9 inch square pan with chocolate wafer cookies, which are then drizzled with peanut butter. What's great about this ice cream cake is that you can use any ice cream that you want and it will still most likely be a huge hit. This recipe spreads chocolate chip ice cream on top of the peanut butter, and then adds another layer of cookies. This process is repeated with chocolate ice cream, and vanilla fudge ice cream. If you can't find these specific flavors, anything vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter will get the job done.

Once the cake is frozen and it's ready to be served, you can spread it with store-bought whipped cream, or whip up your own with some heavy cream and a little confectioners sugar. To top the whole thing off, sprinkle the whipped cream with grated chocolate.

You'll forget all about the heat when you take a bite of this ice cream cake. It's perfect for any summer celebration!

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