Have you ever browsed through food websites, Pinterest, or even the grocery store, stumbled across a gorgeous or fun-looking cake, and immediately wanted to make it? That's how I feel about this Mocha Icebox Cake.


As you probably know, the great thing about icebox cakes is that there is no baking involved. This recipe requires you to mix some ingredients together on the stove-top, but there's no need to heat up your house, let the cake bake, and then wait for it to cool. Store-bought cookies, such as graham crackers, or in this case, round chocolate wafer cookies, make icebox cakes incredibly easy. When layered with a creamy, pudding-like mixture and frozen, the cookies become soft and almost fluffy. I think of icebox cakes as lighter and cooler alternatives to regular cakes, which makes them perfect for summer!

This Mocha Icebox Cake combines instant espresso powder, marshmallows, chocolate, and, of course, chocolate wafer cookies to create one cool treat! As if that weren't enough, the recipe also includes ingredients and directions on how to make a quick and easy chocolate sauce with Kahlua listed as an optional ingredient. Although, if I was the one who created this recipe, the coffee liqueur would definitely be required.

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