This Mexican Chocolate Pudding Cake from Southern Living is definitely not your average cake. For one, it's spicy. Two, it has a fudgy and pudding-like texture, and is best served warm with a scoop of ice cream. You'll want to snuggled up with a bowl of this cake on those cool, fall nights.


What's great about this cake is that it's prepared like a homemade brownie recipe. You can make it in one bowl with a whisk, so there are minimal dishes to clean up! You start my melting together butter and chocolate, then whisk in the rest of the ingredients. This gives it that fudge-like texture and taste. Before the cake goes into the oven, it's sprinkled with a mixture of sliced almonds, brown sugar, and olive oil. It bakes in the oven for about half-an-hour, which is a little less than the bake-time for brownies, and that's where the pudding texture comes from.

The kick of spiciness in this cake comes from a combination of three spices: ground cinnamon, red pepper, and ground chipotle chile pepper. The people of Southern Living know how to add a little heat! But don't worry--it isn't over-powering and it's not going to set your mouth on fire. You can always adjust the amount of each spice in the recipe if you'd like. You can turn down the heat or crank it way up! And don't forget the ice cream; it's the perfect finishing touch to this treat!

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