Most people like cake, and most people like cupcakes. These little cakes are sort of a cross between the two, except there's no frosting. I'm a can't-get-enough-frosting kind of girl, but with Joe's Molten Marshmallow-Chocolate Cakes, you don't really need frosting. Look at that melted marshmallow in the center! Every now and then I love the idea of skipping the frosting and opting for something lighter and not as sweet. Plus, I love biting into a cupcake and finding a surprise or filling inside! If you're the same way, these cakes are for you!


These cakes were made by filling ramekins with the cake batter until they were about half-full. Then you place a large marshmallow in the center of the cake batter and then cover it with the rest of the cake batter. If you don't have ramekins, you can also use a muffin pan and follow the same method. With all the various marshmallow flavors in stores these days, and all the crazy homemade versions, these Molten Marshmallow Cakes could get extremely creative!

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