Can you believe Halloween is almost here? The month of October is flying by, and it's that time of the year again to break out all the decorations, think about costumes, and try not to eat all the Halloween candy before you actually need to use it! If you're having a Halloween party, you're definitely going to need a cake, and this Graveyard Cake from All You is sure to be perfect!


The cake underneath all those spooky decorations is a rich chocolate cake, but really you can go with whichever flavor you prefer. The cake is covered in chocolate frosting and an assortment of edible treats.

To decorate, start by frosting the cake and using a knife to create lines dividing up the cake into graves. Then you'll use two different kinds of cookies as tombstones: Milano Cookies and Chessman Cookies. Pipe RIP onto the Milanos, then insert the cookies into the cake. The cookies will stay upright better if you insert a knife into the cake and make a little slot for them. Next you'll sprinkle the cake with crushed chocolate wafer cookies to resemble dirt, and place chocolate rocks around the graveyard. I think it would also be cute to add a couple candy corn pumpkins.

And there you have it--an easy chocolate cake that everyone is sure to enjoy at your Halloween party this year!