While it's now August and the end of "summer break" is approaching, the actual end of summer is definitely not in sight for us in the South. That may mean warmer temperatures and weirder weather, but it also means more fresh summer fruits. My favorite are strawberries. But honestly, most of the times I eat strawberries...they're in a cake.


As you can see by the comments left on this recipe, you shouldn't let the total time and number of steps intimidate you. Meringue is sometimes a very intimidating thing, but this cake will be worth all of your time, effort, and patience.

I love a lot of layers when it comes to cakes, and this one is gorgeous. I love the alternating cream-colored layers and the bright red of the sliced strawberries! This cake would also be just as wonderful with other fruits or combinations. There are a lot of possibilities here! And anything you choose will be sure to impress guests at a party. It's a win-win situation all around. So keep summer going strong with this strawberry cake!