Lemonade reminds me of spring and summer, and I'm ready for some warm air after all the cold weather we've been having in the South. Although I may be dreaming of beaches, sunshine and heat waves, the real reason I chose this Fresh Lemonade Cake is because it was created by the talented people at Cooking Light. Each year, a large majority of people, including myself, make resolutions to eat healthier, to eat more fresh ingredients and to get in shape. But we all crave something sweet every now and then, and as long as we don't eat the entire cake in one sitting, why shouldn't we treat ourselves to a little slice once in awhile?


As someone who really enjoys baking and decorating cakes, I was beyond impressed when Cooking Light came out with this one back in October. 314 calories in one slice of cake? Are you kidding me? Thankfully, they're not kidding at all.

This cake is a remake of the extremely popular and pinned Lemonade Layer Cake. These two cakes are pretty similar as far as nutritional information goes, but the Fresh Lemonade Cake is made with, you guessed it, fresh lemon juice instead of thawed lemonade concentrate. Many types of lemons are in season during the spring and summer, so you'll have to wait for the Eurekas and Lisbons. But thankfully, Meyer lemons are in season during the fall and winter.

This cake is lighter in texture than its predecessor, and cuts out some of the powdered sugar in the frosting. It also includes a recipe for a lemonade syrup that is brushed on top of the cake layers for a little more moistness and flavor. So, if you've stuck with your resolutions for the last two weeks, congratulations! Celebrate with a slice of light and luscious lemonade cake.

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