This Chocolate-Espresso Torte is rich, decadent, and is served with a swirl of raspberry sauce. But wait--what is a torte exactly? Well, they're considered a type of cake, except tortes are made with little to no flour. Because of this lack of flour, they usually don't rise very much. This makes them shorter than layer cakes and can cause them to sink in the middle after baking. Tortes are also much denser than regular cake, and have a richer flavor. They're usually topped with a dusting of powdered sugar or a fruity drizzle instead of frosting.


There is something so formal and elegant about tortes, especially this one, which is garnished with raspberries, blackberries, and mint. This decadent torte gets its flavor from bittersweet chocolate and espresso. The recipes suggests spooning the raspberry sauce onto the plates and then placing a slice of cake on top, but I personally would love to drizzle the sauce all over the cake. I'd also add a scoop or two of ice cream! This rich dessert would be the perfect way to end any meal, family gathering, or party. Or if you're looking for the perfect chocolate cake for the chocolate-lover in your life, give this one a try! It would even be wonderful for Valentine's Day.

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