For the past month I have really been craving and indulging in classic fall foods like squash, pears, apples, soup, and hot sandwiches. I recently tried my hand at making a dish that I've always enjoyed eating, but for one reason or another, haven't had a chance to make myself: butternut squash soup.

I had the fortune of grabbing a nice-sized butternut squash after we used it in a photo shoot here at MyRecipes and decided to make this soup recipe from Cooking Light.


I was a little apprehensive to start breaking down the squash, but some quick research put me at ease. Per several suggestions, I cut the squash in half horizontally, basically dividing it into the rounded bottom portion and the more slender top portion.

Cutting it like this also gave me a great base to steady the squash while I peeled it. I put my vegetable peeler to good use peeling away the thick outer skin. The shocking contrast between the boring beige skin and vibrant orange flesh shocked me at first, and it was fun to reveal more and more of the beautiful squash.


Part of the recipe calls for simmering the ingredients for half an hour, and during this time the soup started to blend and the wonderful scents of squash, stock, onion, and carrot permeated my little apartment. My stomach was growling by the time I finished pureeing the veggie mixture in my blender.

Now, I have to be honest and say that I was a little worried after my first excited taste. There's a bit of carrot in the recipe, and that was the predominate flavor of the first test bite! Byt after a night in the fridge, I found that the carrot had bowed out of the spotlight and blended perfectly with the squash.


I thought the soup tasted very good, and I was pleased to realized how easy it is to make my own, rather than only letting myself enjoy this classic fall dish at a restaurant. The soup does improve a lot with the addition of spices. Each time I ate a serving I added a different combinations such as black pepper; cinnamon and ground ginger; and ginger and curry powder.

What about you? What dish have you made recently for the first time that you may have only enjoyed in a restaurant or at someone else's house?

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