Although Team Hashpound won the "Chef's Choice" category for our Jalapeño Poppers at the 1st Annual Big Green Eggfest here in Birmingham, I think our team favorite was the pound cake. Yes, that's right - pound cake. Baked outside. On a grill.

As the afternoon wore on at the Eggfest, rumors started to spread about the pound cake. "We hear you are baking a pound cake on one of those things?" several attendees asked, skeptically. Yes, sure enough, Team Hashpound members Brooke Layton and Chad Messina were manning the Egg with the infamous pound cake; Brooke had found the recipe on the official Big Green Egg website. Being able to bake desserts outside is one of the hallmark benefits of owning Big Green Egg, since the excellent temperature control allows you to turn the ceramic cooker into a giant oven using the platesetter accessory and indirect heat. Plus, a cake baked in a Big Green Egg gives the dessert and irresistibly smoky-sweet flavor that, in my opinion, tops an oven-baked cake any day of the week.

Plus, this was no ordinary pound cake. Once the cake was done, Brooke topped it with a Strawberry-Raspberry Coulis and homemade whipped cream. YUM.

Needless to say, the pound cake was polished off in about 5 minutes, and it sure was a sweet way to end a great day full of delicious food cooked by all our fellow festival cooks.

If you want to try your hand at Pound Cake with Strawberries and Berry Coulis, you can get the recipe here from the folks over at

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