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My memories involving banana splits are restricted to childhood weekly Bruster's runs for "Banana Thursday." You bring your own banana, and they provided 3 scoops of ice cream and the toppings for half off the regular price. My best friend's parents used to take us on the reg and let us each order our own and, let me just tell you--it was a joy-filled time. Having anything of my own was an unusual and wonderful concept to me, a kid who grew up as the second youngest of 7 siblings. And I daily looked forward to spending time with Anna's family especially (if not entirely) for this reason. While I haven't been back to Bruster's in years (I swear), I just found out that Banana Thursday is STILL a thing--albeit at a small price of 1,000 calories that seem to matter so much more now.

Banana splits are the quintessential ice cream dessert, and at their very basic construct (bananas + ice cream + fudge + whipped cream) are mouthwateringly delicious. But why stop there? Simple is great, but you can do better. From cheesecake to cupcakes to ice cream sandwiches, here are our 7 best uptakes on the classic banana split.


This fanci-fied take (think insane fudgy chocolate sauce coupled with a light and crunchy toasted almond topping) is the real deal, and what better way to start our roundup than with the 'Best-Ever,' right? Plus, you haven't tried a banana split until you've tried a Food & Wine Banana Split.


Not feeling ice cream? This delicious and e-a-s-y banana cake batter comes together quickly and is extremely-adaptable--You can bake it in muffins tins, mini muffin tins, a loaf pan, or even a cake pan just by altering the oven cook time. Top your cupcakes (or cake, or bread) off with a scoop of strawberry, banana, or vanilla frosting--and all your favorite toppings, of course.


Make a full-on, birthday-worthy cake version of a banana split by stirring chopped pineapple, banana, and maraschino cherries right into the cake batter and topping the cake with a sweet cream cheese frosting. This recipe is always a fan favorite, with one user raving: "I made this cake for my daughter's birthday. It was a hit! My husband and my son both told me that this was the best cake they had ever eaten!"

Banana Split Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Easy, 4-ingredient crisp vanilla cookies add a textural twist to your conventional banana split in this delightful, grab-n-go sweet treat.

Frozen Banana Split Squares

Frozen Banana Split Squares

These tasty frozen bars look more complicated than they are (with only 8 ingredients and 14 minutes of prep time). You're basically constructing a simple graham cracker crust and topping it with frozen yogurt, fudge, sliced bananas, and store-bought whipped topping, then freezing it until firm and sliceable. Just making magic with mostly store-bought convenience items. #genius

#6. Banana-Split Cheesecake6


Banana, chocolate, pineapple, and strawberry sweetness come together to make this insanely delicious cheesecake-take on your all-time favorite ice cream sundae.


Espresso whipped cream (whipped cream +instant espresso granules), coffee ice cream, and espresso beans are all you need to up your banana split game with a caffeinated kick.

#8. Bonus: This is the best banana bread recipe on our site. Add cream cheese frosting and chocolate syrup, and you've got a 5-star treat worthy of fulfilling your current banana split craving. Boom.