Here at, we’re always on the lookout for fun seasonal food so when the good people at Moonstruck Chocolates gave us an e-mail with a sneak peek of their and truffle collections, we couldn’t resist sampling these delightful treats to see if they tasted as good as they looked.


The Flavors of Fall collection includes flavors like Pumpkin Pie and the more unusual Pfeffernusse Spice and (disclaimer!) lots of nuts.


The Halloween collection is almost too cute to eat, and it is truly amazing to think about the work that goes into decorating the truffles and creating the molds and fillings for each one. For example, the PB&J Eyeball must be made with a mold, filled with peanut butter and jelly, and then decorated to look like an eye.

The truffles disappeared within a matter of minutes, and there were some clear favorites.

Most "Halloween" truffle: PB&J Eyeball Truffle -- the peanut butter and jelly was unusual. The whole truffle is a little weird, a little fun, and totally in the Halloween spirit.

Best flavor duo: Blood Orange Bat -- blood orange infused chocolate ganache filling paired well with the dark chocolate shell.

Best pie interpretation: Pumpkin Pie -- Tasted like a bite of real pie, but wasn't overly rich.

Best nutty truffle: Maple Walnut Mousse --the walnut and smooth maple-walnut mousse won us over.

Favorite Filling: Milk Chocolate Spider (the Milk Chocolate Pumpkin has the same flavor and texture): Creamy milk chocolate ganache satisfied our tastebuds.

Best Overall: Popping Frankenstein -- this Halloween green truffle is filled with hazelnut flavored chocolate and Pop Rocks. Totally fun to eat and the hazelnut is a wonderful combo with the milk chocolate shell.

What's the best Halloween treat you've encountered -- storebought or homemade? And if you're looking for some tasty truffles to make in your own kitchen, take a look at these recipes: