By Jessica Colyer
January 20, 2015
Bacon-Apple Pie

Yes, that's right. There are apples somewhere in that pie, right underneath that show-stopping, jaw- dropping interwoven bacon goodness. This pie features a standard pie crust on the bottom, of course, because we haven't completely lost our minds. But for those of you willing to brave the bacon, you'll be asking for seconds in no time.

Bacon Candy

Candied bacon has been making a name for itself on social media sites and in cocktail parties lately. It must be because of that perfect marriage of sweet, salty, and oh, I don't know, bacon, that just sends it over the edge. If you set these babies out at your next get-together they'll be gone in a flash. You know that great moment when you're eating breakfast and the maple syrup gets on the bacon? Yeah, this recipe is for you.