By Emily Jane Shepherd
March 04, 2010

The main requirements for dinner in the Shepherd household are quick, easy, budget-friendly, and low-carb.  We are blessed to have a large chest freezer in our garage where we stockpile game meats like venison, turkey, and quail, plus bought-in-bulk steak, chicken, and fish.  This makes weekly meal planning and grocery shopping pretty painless, though I find myself drifting back to the same meals again and again.  My husband's health (and mine as well, to be frank) is much better when we avoid carbohydrates at dinnertime, so classic dishes like spaghetti and casseroles are out. 

Always on a quest to find new ways to cook venison (especially ground venison - we have about 24 packs in the freezer right now with more to come!), I came across this recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Quiche on  I used whole milk in place of the half-and-half since we had that on hand for our young toddler, and regular pepper, but otherwise prepared the dish as written.  It was delicious and one of my new favorite uses for venison burger!  Venison can dry out or get overcooked easily due to the low fat content, but the topping of cheese and eggs kept the moist wonderfully moist and flavorful.