This past weekend, my dearest friends hosted a baby shower celebrating the fast-approaching (only 7 weeks!) arrival of our baby Parker. They asked if I had any requests, and my only one was a laid back, casual afternoon with the girls. And boy did they deliver! The shower was incredible, and as you can see, so was the food. They went with a wine and cheese spread (and a few other sweet treats, which calmed all my cravings!).


Ok, I know you're thinking, "Wine at a baby shower?" But don't worry, they concocted a fabulous blue lemonade for me! By simply adding a few drops of blue food coloring and fresh blueberries as garnish to Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, the ordinary sipper became a baby shower treat! Here are some other party ideas I picked up on that fun afternoon!


  1. When serving cheese, include small cards explaining the different types, giving your guests insight into your selections.
  2. A little ribbon can go a long way...lengths added to the table and the appetizer picks carried the theme to the fare.
  3. Include homemade goodies that your guest of honor enjoys for a personal (and most-appreciated!) touch.