I recently wasgiven massive amounts of blueberries - my grandparents own an organic blueberry farm in west Tennessee and apparentlythey have more than they can handle this year. So my sweet, darling grandmotherdecided to send me over 4 gallons in the mail and they surprisingly all madeit. However, I have to confess, for a girl that was raised with endless amounts of blueberries each year, I don’t really like to eat blueberries plain. Iprefer them in smoothies, pies, cobblers, muffins, etc. The great thing is, they freeze well and there are so many different things you can do with them.Here are a few ways I found to use excess amounts of blueberries:

First, I gave overa gallon away. Then I decided to freeze some and save them for future bakingand smoothie blending endeavors. Here are some tips to consider when freezingyour blueberries (courtesy of my grandmother, Lois, The Blueberry Queen):

  1. Do not wash theblueberries before freezing! This causes them to get soggy and start todeteriorate more quickly before they are fully frozen.
  2. Cover bakingsheets with aluminum foil or wax paper beforehand to avoid staining them like Idid with purple blueberry juice.
  3. Spread theblueberries out on baking sheets and allow them to freeze individually beforeplacing them all together in a bag or container. This takes time and you mayhave to do it in batches, but it is worth it because you don’t want themfreezing in a massive blueberry blob.

Next, I decided tofind something delicious that I could make out of the berries right away and Idecided on a Blueberry Crisp á La Mode. It’s easy, delicious, and uses stapleingredients that I already have in my pantry. It also doesn’t take up too much timein the oven during these blazing hot summer months.


Finally with myleftover 2 gallons in the freezer, I found some new and creative recipes inwhich to utilize my blueberries. Here are some things I found:





And there’s plentymore where that came from. For more great blueberry recipes, click here.